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    Give CRA the documentation that THEY want to see!

    SR&ED stands for Scientific Research & Experimental Development. It is the most important and most generous corporate tax incentive program in Canada. It’s also the most complicated and misunderstood program covered by the Income Tax Act. 

    Bond Consulting Group can rescue you from SR&ED confusion and frustration. We have designed an intuitive online tool called SR&ED Proof.

    How does SR&ED Proof work? 

    • The SR&ED Proof system guides you through the documentation process, allowing you to answer the policy questions related to your own case!
    • With our approach, you will always be prepared to defend your SR&ED claim, whether it’s a desk review, financial audit, or technical audit.
    • SR&ED Proof was designed by experts! You will be guided to answer questions that you didn’t even know were crucial!
    • Rest assured that you will be answering CRA correctly on important questions of SR&ED eligibility.

    How can SR&ED Proof benefit your SR&ED claim?

    • Scientific methodology – our tool promotes an understanding of the scientific method, thereby ensuring your compliance with CRA’s expectations.
    • Easy to understand – proprietary Policy Wizards are built into the tool offering step-by-step guidance.
    • One place for everything – upload all of your technical and financial evidence into one organized portal.
    • Understand obstacles – properly identify and then allocate time directly to technological uncertainties that CRA calls “obstacles”.
    • Fast and efficient – produce evidence and reports for any audit request in minutes, instead of weeks or months.
    • Secure – bank-level encryption.

    How much does SR&ED Proof cost?

    SR&ED Proof is FREE for clients of Bond Consulting. You cannot go wrong with this winning combination.

    Why work with Bond Consulting?
    • SR&ED Proof was designed by an industry expert with more than a decade of hands-on technical and financial SR&ED audit experience.
    • Our consulting practice has presided over significantly more than 2000 successful SR&ED claims.
    • Bond Consulting Group is an award-winning tax consulting firm.
    • Bond Consulting Group and our team of talented SR&ED consultants are with you every step of the way to ensure your cases are approved, even in the most demanding audits.

    Contact us today for an SR&ED eligibility assessment and an introduction to SR&ED Proof.