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    SR&ED Tax Credit Program

    SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) is the largest and the most important corporate tax incentive program in Canada. The program rewards corporations that have incurred expenditures in order to discover “an advancement in knowledge in a field of science, technology or medicine”.

    You only have to meet three criteria. 

    • Scientific uncertainty technological obstacle
    • Scientific or technological advancement
    • Systematic investigation
      • plus Technical Content

    SR&ED Claim

    Your application for SR&ED funding is in fact part of your corporate tax return. If approved, you can receive generous SR&ED tax incentives that are refundable plus interest.

    Might sound easy, but it’s not.

    If your case is selected for CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) review, you will sit across from a CRA scientific auditor that will analyze your case in strict compliance with the Income Tax Act. You will also be asked to produce contemporaneous documentation and systematic evidence.

    Representation is highly advisable. We will provide you with the most sophisticated set of tools and methodologies in order to win your case.

    Bond Consulting Group

    Bond has one of the best track records for SR&ED success in Canada. With over a decade of experience, we have successfully prepared well over 2000 SR&ED cases, resulting in millions of dollars of SR&ED tax credits approved and refunded to our clients of all sizes, big and small.

    Our Services Include:

    • Initial consultation with an assessment specialist to determine your eligibility
    • Comprehensive technical interviews with your staff
    • Scientific report preparation
    • Detailed analysis of eligible costs
    • Preparation of all necessary tax forms and filings
    • Correspondence and reporting to your accountant
    • Post-preparation tracking of your SR&ED claim
    • In case of desk audit, or on-site financial/technical audits, we will be right there with you to defend your claim
    • Regular strategic reviews with SR&ED Consultants

    SR&ED Proof

    As a client, you will be provided with access to our proprietary SR&ED Proof solution. It’s a revolutionary SR&ED evidence management system that keeps you organized and ready to respond to any CRA request. You can record and maintain compliant SR&ED evidence throughout the year.