About the SR&ED Tax Credit Program

SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) is the name of the largest and most important corporate tax incentive program in Canada. The Government of Canada, through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), provides tax credits and cash refunds to encourage Canadian companies of all sizes to seek advancement in knowledge in a field of science, medicine, or technology.

SR&ED Eligibility

There are four main fields of science and technology eligible for SR&ED tax credit benefits in Canada:

  • Natural & Formal Sciences
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Medical & Health Sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences

The SR&ED credit program will return up to 68% of the value of incurred expenditures to all corporations in these fields that have attempted to overcome or solve a scientific or medical uncertainty, or alternatively a technological obstacle.

$100 Million

Since 2005, over $100 Million in SR&ED Refunds approved for Bond Clients

Bond Consulting puts you on the right path to understanding Canada’s most generous but most complicated corporate tax credit program. With our talented SR&ED Consultants on staff, superior in-house expertise, government audit experience, and sophisticated evidence tools, you can’t go wrong.

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Our Sectors

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SR&ED PROOF – the most sophisticated SR&ED Evidence Management System

You may be entitled to a sizable refund but…CRA will approve or deny your claim based on your available documentation and evidence.

We designed SR&ED Proof to ensure that our clients are collecting documentation in a format that is preferred by CRA, ie. the scientific method.

sred grant
  • SR&ED Proof is an intuitive online tool.
  • It was designed by SR&ED Whisperer, Julie Bond, an expert with almost two decades of direct technical and financial audit experience.
  • SR&ED Proof allows you to understand and answer the policy questions related to your own case!
  • With SR&ED Proof you can correspond directly with a talented SR&ED Analyst through the chat features.
  • SR&ED Proof allows you to successfully defend and win any SR&ED case selected for audit by CRA.
  • It’s FREE for clients of Bond Consulting.

SR&ED Client Testimonials

We Have Fans!

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