Bond Consulting Client Testimonials

Hear what Bond Consulting Group clients have to say.


As a startup in its early stages, Future Fertility has found that working with Bond Consulting Group has been extremely helpful as we grow. Since the SR&ED program is essential to the growth of our business, it was important that we sought out a consulting firm that could understand our company’s mission and help us prepare a claim that would be approved. They were highly professional and knowledgeable, and they were able to navigate us successfully through our Audit. We’d definitely recommend them.
Diana Olusanmi, CEO,  Future Fertility, Artificial Intelligence for Reproductive Medicine


We’ve been working with Bond Consulting Group for almost 10 years now. Almost everything we’ve ever submitted has been accepted as filed, which is a great relief for us.  The year that CRA did visit us, Bond was right there with us, to make sure we understood eligibility, and how to respond to CRAs questions. The SR&ED program is so important to us, and we couldn’t do it without Bond Consulting.
Alijca Wojewnik, President, Dicentra, Natural Health Product Industry

We made the mistake of leaving Bond Consulting Group once many years ago, thinking that we could save a bit of money. We’ll never make that mistake again. Our SR&ED claim was denied in full, it was an awful experience.   When it comes to dealing with CRA, Julie and her analysts never let us down, we know they’re experts and will fight to the end for us.
Glen McCarthy, President, Labworks, Industrial Refrigeration Specialists

We hired Bond Consulting after we spun off from the university. We really appreciate the structure that Bond provides for our documentation and that it is well-matched to SR&ED program guidelines. The Bond team really takes care of us with their knowledgeable advisors. They take the extra effort to understand the nuances of new technologies, and they worked along our team extensively during the claim submission and the various audits. We would definitely recommend Bond to any start-ups and new companies.
Jacky Qui, Vice President, OTI Lumionics, OLED Technology

We will never regret the day that we hired Bond Consulting Group as our trusted SR&ED provider.  The vast majority of what we submitted was accepted as filed, but when CRA challenged our claim, Bond Consulting stepped up to the plate. Julie and her team are relentless. Julie certainly knows how to navigate the complex bureaucracy behind the SR&ED program, and showed no fear when it came to escalating our case. Bond Consulting Group are professional, experienced, and they really know what they’re doing when it comes to SR&ED. They earn our highest recommendations.
Dave Cloutier, President, Kelvin Technologies, Manufacturer of specialized electrical devices

We hired Bond Consulting Group, because we were not satisfied with our previous consultant.  We were not convinced that they knew what they were doing in audit, and it certainly felt like we were doing most of the work. We’ve been very pleased with Bond Consulting Group. These people are true SR&ED experts, and they always give us good service and sound advice.
Leonard Drimmer, CEO, Property Vista, Property Management Software Solutions

Bond Consulting Group rescued our claim!  Our claim was prepared by another consulting firm and was about to be denied.  After reviewing our case for just 20 minutes, Julie immediately realized that no one had properly identified a technological advancement, and therefore our entire claim write-up was worthless.  The Bond analysts are top-notch, and moved in to re-write our claim from scratch, and kept our case open with CRA so that we wouldn’t have to file a notice of objection or go to tax court.  These people are experts, you cannot go wrong with Bond Consulting Group.
Denise Nunes, Product Manager, CellAegis Devices, Specialized Medical Devices

Hiring Bond Consulting Group was the best SR&ED decision we’ve ever made. Julie and her team know the program like the back of their hands, and Julie is a veritable SR&ED guru. Our claim before Bond got denied and our consultant did not do much while we were left with having to do almost all the work. Bond was a refreshing change as their team of analysts jump in and do the heavy lifting.  Bond has been with us every step of the way when CRA came to visit, and what a relief that was to us.
Raffi Oshagan, President, Garo Consulting, Software Developers

Bond Consulting Group has been our trusted SR&ED partner for years. The team at Bond is always there for us. When CRA returned with the most ridiculous arguments against our claim, Bond never gave up on us. Julie and her team of talented analysts are experienced professionals that help us navigate this complicated program.
Dr. Eldon Dahl, Life Choice, Natural Health Product Industry

The team at Bond Consulting Group certainly take care of us, and we are very pleased with the services. Our claims are always well prepared, accurate, and on-time, and Julie always takes the time to review our strategy with every claim. Everything that Bond has prepared has been accepted as filed, which means we can concentrate on our business instead of CRA audits.
Andrew Turner, Audability, Collaborative Communication Technologies

We are having a great experience with Bond.  We use their SR&ED Proof Methodology, it’s a fantastic system.  With this system, preparing and defending a large SR&ED claim was painless.  With our SR&ED Proof evidence in hand, we faced CRA in full technical audit. We were delighted to get approved in full within a matter of hours! With Bond’s approach, we were able to access our government entitled refunds, while meeting full compliance, without disrupting our business. A win-win situation for us.
Peter Plank, President, Tooling Development, Custom Machining

Hiring Bond Consulting Group was a great choice for us.  We had a small claim and we were not sure if we could get professional service with this complicated program.  The Bond team is always taking care of us, whether it’s time for claim preparation, or routine defense with CRA, or other business advice. We recommend Bond Consulting Group.
Arash Sabet, President, Umplify Technologies, Software Developers

We’ve been dealing with Bond for years. What I love about Bond Consulting, they never gave up on our case! When the Goliath CRA decided to deny part of our claim, Julie took our case all the way to the Tax Court of Canada, and we finally won! CRA admitted defeat when they saw the evidence presented by Bond.  Bond Consulting Group are SR&ED experts, and they really care about their clients.
Mrs. Laffoux, Owner, Tango Head, State of the Art 3D cameras    

We’ve been using Bond Consulting for 10 years now. We did not know about the SR&ED program before meeting Julie, but now we make claims every year, and this has made a great impact on our business.  Bond Consulting analysts are talented, reliable and professional, and they never steer us wrong. Bond Consulting Group is an important professional partner for us.
Vince Morris, President Valley Med, Design of Specialty Medical Devices & Lights

We really enjoyed working with Bond Consulting, their staff provided us with excellent guidance. They led us through the entire SR&ED process and were able to communicate equally well with all members of our team. After discussing our work and documentation with Bond Consulting over two meetings and a few emails they were able to prepare two successful SR&ED claims that were accepted as filed. Their expertise really became evident when they helped us maximize our claim through their proven strategy and knowledge of our industry. Bond Consulting was able to help us recoup valuable money that we are planning to reinvest in our company and product.
Kevin Snow, Co-Founder, Snowman Brewing Co., Beverage Industry

After my subcontractor and a SR&ED consultant told JRFC we wouldn’t find success with the SR&ED program we met Bond Consulting at an event. They did a great job with our claim, by meeting with our subcontractor, Bond found the eligible aspects of our work and guided us through the process. When CRA wanted to meet, Bond Consulting accompanied us to the meeting that same week. Our claim was accepted as filed, and we are looking forward to reinvesting the money into our business.
Julia Rosen, President, Julia Rosen Furniture Consulting Inc., Furniture Consulting

We’ve been working with Bond Consulting for a very long time, since 2008. Every claim prepared by Bond has been accepted as filed. We have been very pleased with our experience with the SR&ED Program. We would not be able to prepare these types of claims without professional assistance. Bond has taken very good care of us over the years.
Tony Paluzzi, President, York Marble, Stone Industry

Our accountant referred us to Bond after we ran into problems with CRA during a technical audit. The experience was like night and day. Bond’s team spent a lot of time with us, and for the first time, we really started to grasp the SR&ED program, which ultimately led to our success in defending our cases. We are so pleased that we found Bond and didn’t give up on SR&ED.
Miro Pantic, President, Trited Innovation, Automation Industry

And now from Bond’s competent and passionate team members.

Bond Consulting Group offers the most strategic and sophisticated SR&ED consulting service in Canada. The great team at Bond has a diverse background which allows them to work with clients in almost any industry. The best part is that, Bond provides a hands on approach where they visit clients regularly, complete their claims to the highest of standards. The personalized approach is the reason that Bond builds such long lasting relationships with clients.
From a personal perspective, Bond Consulting Group truly is a second family to me. Most people spend more waking hours at work then they do at home. I can honestly say that I enjoy going to work each day and I look forward to facing new challenges together as a team. I’m lucky enough to be at the front line of assessing new clients and educating them on Bond’s unique approach. Bond provides an environment that encourages learning, collaboration and trust amongst the team, which is a culture that is hard to come by.
Jennifer Edey, with Bond since May 2010
B.Comm, Business Administration, Brock University